A Collaboration

Two days ago, one of my FB 'friends' asked if I would color his line art. I was in between pieces (what I call the 'brainstorming' phase), so I jumped on the idea. It's always fun just to color -- you get to skip the tedious part, which is creating a solid foundation with line art. Also, when I do work on someone else's lines, it presents me with an opportunity to experiment and try something new.

Here you see three versions of the same line art by Kyba Lione of Paraguay -- the left one was given touch of colors by him (which I used as general reference for colors to use for the final piece), the middle one is the original line art in pencil, and the one of the right is the finished work colored by me.

When a work is primarily a portrait, I get to spend more time on each element within the figure, and I love that. The thumbnails of such pieces usually look wonderful, too, which is also nice. ^^;

I didn't realize at first, but his line art is closer to my style than the lines I've colored in previous collaborations with other artists. The finished piece looks as if it was all done by me from the start except for that it doesn't have the usual amount of detail. ^_^ That's another reason why collaboration like this is very refreshing! Anyway, I really like the way it turned out.

Next, I will be tackling one of the older themes for the Enchanted Visions Project that I haven't done, "Tempest of Ice", for which I will be painting a Yuki Onna ('Snow Woman') of the Japanese folklore.


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