Just finished this morning. ^^ Now I have updating to do on my portfolio, web site, dA, etc. -- fun fun! This will be the last EV submission for now. As I've written in an earlier post, we're going on a break till October (tentatively...). Whatever happens, I have other projects I'd like to tackle outside of EV as well as the Young Artists Contest for the third year, which I really need to get judges lined up for on dA, too. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to hold this contest, but looks like this (EV going on a hiatus) is a sign that I should go ahead with the YAC. ^^


  1. Lovely work as always, Mitzi, Good luck on the young artist contest. Its always wonderful to see Artist of all kind working with young people as so many school are cutting The Arts. :)

  2. Thank you, ElmaBree. :)
    I've organized this contest (for ages 13 through 17) on deviantART.com for the past two years, and we had received around 300 entries each time, so it's a huge undertaking. I usually manage to get my artist buddies to volunteer their precious time as judges to help me out. Indeed, it was the funding cuts and lack of such events at so many schools that made me create this event. It's such a shame that the Arts always seems to be the place where people see opportunity for funding cuts...

  3. Mitzi,that is wonderful, people like you make a child smile and parents grateful. We are face those cuts now and my son has just now found the joy of Band and playing the Trumpet, if I have to I will find him private lessons. It is sad the Arts are cut first when research shows the link between art, music and academic learning is over whelming. I taught Special Education for 25 years and often those children excelled in the Arts.


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