A Tube Giveaway at PSP Tube Stop

It's time to have some fun with the fans!  My PSP tube distributor, PSP Tube Stop, is holding a giveaway where one lucky winner can win a free tube of their choice from my tube gallery. :D  Freebie with no strings or major commitment attached.  Sounds good, doesn't it? :D  Here's how to enter.

Go to their facebook page or go directly to the giveaway information photo.  They have a link there to my tubes gallery at PSP Tube Stop.  Go and visit the gallery and decide on your favorite image.  Come back to PSP Tube Stop's giveaway information photo on facebook, and comment with the title of your favorite tube!  That's all you have to do to be entered into the drawing.  You can use Facebook's 'Share' function (You see the 'Share' button under the giveaway info photo.) to post it on your profile or page.  Mention that you shared it on the comment, too, for additional entry into the drawing. ^^  The winner will be randomly chosen on the 17th of February.  So, go visit their page, look at my tube gallery, and enter the giveaway today! :D  Good luck!!

Here's the quick, partial look at my tube gallery at PSP Tube Stop.  I currently have a total of 19 high quality, painstakingly well-made tubes available at the shop and more will be coming soon. ^^


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