"Lost in the Woods"

   "Lost in the Woods" with Tomte and Snailee is finished for my friend, Vera-chan, on deviantART.  This was my part of the art trade, but of course, it takes me real long to get anything done, always. ^^;  Sorry to have made you wait for so long, Vera.  Hope you like it.  :D

   This duo first appeared in my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2011 and pretty much took over the entire book.  It basically turned into a children's picture book of Tomte and Snailee's adventure.  All the drawings were done in biro and colored in colored pencil, so it had the storybook feel.  I wanted to give these guys the same softly traditional feel once again, so I experimented with added paper texture in addition to my usual 'digital watercolor' technique.  I personally like the finished look.  It's simple and ... somehow, cuddly. ^^



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