New Release, Freebie, and More at the AW Special Event

Ohhhhh, my! (Got to say it like you know who!) Stamps by AuroraWings FB group is celebrating 1,000 + members today. :D  That was quick!  I remember when I first started the group in November of 2013 with modest number of members.  It was cozy and wonderful.  A lot of these early members have joined me as the Design Team for the challenge blog and I have become such good friends with them.  It's all been a wonderful journey.

Fastforward to today, and we're celebrating a huge family of over 1,000 members.  This milestone called for something really special, so I put just a little bit more forethinking and planning than usual (which is a feat for this MOMtreprenuer who wears so many hats! -- making things work out at the last minute is our specialty LOL ).  Although mostly surrendipitous than my planning ability, we were able to mark this occasion with a special showcase with many of my DT members creating special pieces with the new release, Anima Sola.

To be honest, I really did not like this theme when it was posted at the Enchanted Visions.  A bit restrictive, I felt, and overly religious.  The iconic imagery was already so established (that of a chained lady with arms outstretched skyward, standing in flames...), having such influence on many members' renditions, but in the end, I stylized the flames into poppies and hair, with a touch of goth mood thrown in and I was somewhat happy with the end result.  ^^;  I was surprised but happy to see Sandra Carey (my DT member) ask for it in digi format, and the positive feedback from other DT members following the initial unveiling came the idea of a special showcase.  It all worked out wonderfully! :D  This digi is now available at my Etsy shop here.

Even more amazing was how I managed, in the middle of the chicken coop building and extra yardening to remove weeds from the backyard, to make two new sprite digis! *_*  One, Dandelion Sprite has been unleashed as a special edition freebie.

There's a Special Flash Contest (short challenge) at the FB group using this freebie digi.  Closes on next Friday.  Every entry will be showcased on our Showcase Blog, and a lucky winner (chosen by me on merit) will win $20 worth of digis. :D  Use a freebie to get more freebies.  Not a bad way to to keep your craft hobby going, huh? LOL

There will be one more new release today, but that will have to wait. ;)  Now, off to grab a bite to eat.  The morning hours have flown by.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mitzi ! You know by now how much I adore your sprites ! Love her little shoes !!! Have a lovely week-end Sweetie ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

    1. I love how you color my sprites, Catherine! Enjoy seeing your creations over at the AW challenge blog. Have fun with the Dandelion Sprite!! Hugs, Mitzi xx


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