"Steampunk Dark Angel" WIP

There's a lot of details without even drawing the background! XD (I think I'll keep the background simple.) She sat on the shelf above my desk for over a week before I finally got around to ink her.  I had to say I was kind of reluctant to get going with all that wings' mechanical details (Even for this detail freak!).  Inking involves cleaning the lines, which means working out the details.  I couldn't like on the etched design on the larger wings and had to sketch them over 4 times... I'm looking forward to coloring this though.  It always goes much faster to color those lines of mine.  I'm afraid the golden phase (gold, brown, ochre and other deep colors) will continue with this one's color scheme.

Anyway, this is for Enchanted Visions Project's old theme, "Darkness Falls".  I guess it doesn't necessarily look dark right now, but it will be once it gets colored.

I'm kind of motivated to do a picture of Freyja next with two giant Norwegian Forest Cats pulling her chariot. :D  That was random...


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