"Steampunk Dark Angel" WIP2

A WIP of "Steampunk Dark Angel", which I finally got started coloring yesterday.  With the judging in progress for the Young Artists Contest on deviantART,  of which I am the organizer and serve as one of the juries, things got delayed more than usual.  No fun. ^^;

I'd say I'm about 50% through at this point.  Most of the base colors have been laid down.  Shadows, highlights and other details will be added, which, for me, is the most time-consuming (but fun) part.   I do have a foreground planned which will add much drama to this in the end -- and hopefully even more of a visual impact.

Although this piece seems less complex than some of my other pieces of late, the mechanical details do slow me down in a different way than organic details.  Organic details become somewhat of an automatic drawing process for me and it's utterly relaxing most of the time.  Mechanical details, on the other hand, requires certain level of logic for them to be believable, I feel.  Because of that, I cannot just shut my left brain off and go to the relaxation mode with my right brain.  An interestingly different experience.  One thing I've noticed is that I have a whole lot MORE respect for people who do draw and design robots, steampunk machines, and whatnot.  Not that I didn't have respect for them before... I just have much more than before is what I'm saying. XD


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