"Christmas Fairy" - Rough Sketch

I've been doing nothing but updates on my site and shops lately that I needed to take a break and do a doodle. XD  Since I've never done a "Christmas Fairy" in red and green or red and white, I decided to draw one.  This is just my usual scribble with pencil and the final image will probably look quite a bit different, but it's fun to do a seasonal theme (Especially since we didn't get one for EV...).  And whenever I draw a fairy, I can't think of any other footwear except for pointe shoes. XD  I guess ankle boots would be cute on this one, but I just can't resist.

Here's a quick color test.

My first idea is red and green.  I would also like to try a blue and silver version.  I think both color schemes would be pleasing.

I think I'm going to ink the lines as is and scan to save a file for the digi download and stamp.  Then draw a background for the complete version.  I know from looking at the crafters' projects so far that fully rendered version of my line art has way too much detail.  For craft, scrapbook, and card-making purposes, the main figure has plenty detail to make interesting projects.  So this is something I'll probably start doing more and more.


  1. yay for christmas projects!! she looks absolutely adorable and i have no doubt would make an excellent christmas card ^^

  2. Thank you, plantie! ^^ Are you doing some Christmas projects, too?


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