A Little Fun with "Weekend in Paris" Scrapkit

OK, I've never done this before.  I have never tried my hands at actually MAKING tags although I've been selling tubes of my fantasy art for almost a year now.  Lisa at PSP Tube Stop was so kind to let me get my hands on the scrapkit I contributed a few items into, so I got to play with the idea for the first time. XD   I think this piece will be shown in a blog article about 'what happens when tube artists try to make tags' (for laughs).  I think it ended up looking more like a postcard than a tag. XD LOL  Anyway, it's the aforementioned Valentine's Day scrapkit from PSP Tube Stop that I used for this.  It's packed with so many things I didn't need any additional tubes to make this one.  And there were so many items left untouched for many more projects. ^^  I might try making some more later.  It was cool to work in this color scheme of reds, oranges, yellows, and black, considering most anything you see out there for Valentine's are traditionally red, pink, and white.

Other scrapkits are being planned, so you might see me participate in another collaborative scrapkit projects in the near future.  It's fun to do small bits and items on the side along with larger scale, full-out works.  I feel blessed that my artistic life brings me variety of projects.  Speaking of variety, I'll be working on a tattoo design soon. :D

EDIT: A new blog entry for the PSP Tube Stup fans has gone up and it showcases tags made by three PSPTS artists, Constanza Ehrenhaus, Lisa Cree, and yours truly here. ^^  Please check it out!


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