"Pink Ribbon Mermaid" Lines

The inked lines for the "Pink Ribbon Mermaid" I'm making for the Taking Back PSP event in March.  When this baby is all colored and made into a tube, it's going to be one of the goodies that's available at the breast cancer research fund raiser event.  This tube will be available only at this event and not anywhere else -- it's an 'exclusive' tube.

I've changed her appearance here and there.  Her face has changed to look less baby-faced. I also changed her lower body to be more like a fish (without the 'knee joint') and made her tail fin to be a little more frilly and flower-petal-like.  I like experimenting with little details like that.  And I added the pretty seaweed-like plants in the background.

One thing I like to do with my mermaids is to let them play with found objects.  I've painted one with a red high-heel shoe that a human girl must have dropped into the sea,  and another with skulls of the long-dead sailors.  I'll leave it up to the imagination of the viewers as to where she found the satiny pink ribbon.  The Pink Ribbon campaign just celebrated its 25th year last October, so I think it's entirely possible that many such ribbons can be floating in the gyre (That's the name of the giant floating heap of non-biodegradable waste, folks.) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  She's apparently helping the environment by recycling/reusing the found object while making a fashion statement AND supporting a good human cause. XD


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