Tackling One of the Old EV Themes

   Since I joined the Enchanted Visions Project back in August of 2010, I have been steadily tackling the list of existing themes on top of the current monthly ones.  In the beginning, I was able to do one of the old themes and a theme of the month every month.  Lately, I'd be lucky if I manage to do the current one on time.  I usually managed to get it done within 7 to 10 days of the deadline, but I have been late a few times.

   I've been wanting to do "Tempest of Ice" since I joined EV.  I had several ideas that were floating around in my head, but nothing really "appeared" on paper as I sat at the drawing table.  Finally though, I had a vision and I'm going to be able to paint my interpretation of "Tempest of Ice". :D

   I wanted the warrior to look a little more beaten up, but no, he doesn't look that way in this concept/pencil sketch version.  I will have to work that into the image later on.  But the basic idea is the bond between a pack of wolves and a human.  There will be a wall of ice (like a frozen waterfall) behind them to suggest that this is the battle weary warrior's last stand with the help from the pack of wolves.

   I used to draw male characters a lot when I did a lot of fan art for friends on deviantART.  I have nothing against drawing male characters.  I certainly am not allergic to the idea or anything.  It's that ... oddly enough, it often makes me feel "strange"... as if I'm ogling at a guy. ^^;  And if all goes well and the character ends up looking great, then I might goof off "admiring" my own drawing a little too much.   Not the most productive way to spend the day.  But I finally decided this was the time and a good theme to do it with since some people have accused me of sticking only with women and flowers. LOL

   At any rate, I didn't use a reference for the guy, so any likeness to anyone is purely coincidental.  I do, however, admit that the actor Vladimir Kulich, from "The 13th Warrior", was floating in my mind as I drew this sketch.  The warrior here will be platinum blond and blue eyed, most likely.  I had an alternative set of details which had an Asian guy in a similar scenario, but the aforementioned movie must have won me over in this. XD


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