EV Theme: Le Serpent

The new piece, "Heartstrings", for the EV theme "Le Serpent", is completed.  The color scheme was inspired by the traditional Chinese silk paintings with the earth tone background.  I kept Bai Niang Zi in mostly white as she is the spirit of the White Snake.  I was going to paint the peonies all green, but decided to give red and pink to celebrate the timeless love story that the inspiration for this piece "The Legend/Tale of the White Snake" is.  And it is February.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner, as is the Chinese New Year (begins on the 10th).

A closeup view of Bai Niang, giant peony, white snake detail and clothing.  This piece has a lot of detail that simply gets lost at the web-size.  I hope this second shot gives a better look at her expression. ^^

I didn't quite make the deadline since I became sick during the inking stage of this piece and coloring was done while I recovered.  All in all, progressed quite slowly, but I'm pleased with the results (and feeling a lot better. ^^ )


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