Follow Up on Sketch Fest # 33

Took me a while to get to this one with some extra events happening in the month of February with family (all good stuff), but I finally managed to finish "Moon Goddess" sketch that was started during the Sketch Fest # 33 (weekend of the Feb. 15, 2013).

This time, unlike when I did "Bone Queen" on too small a sheet of paper, I used a 9" x 7" sheet of vellum, with a bit of planning ahead.  I wanted to develop her in watercolor with background details.  I'd say this was a perfect size for the amount of detail I wanted to put in this image.  This here is a corrected scan (corrected as much as I can to look as close to the original, but the original still looks so much better, which is typical of traditional art) which completely obliterates the touches of iridescent paint that the actual piece has.  I will take photos of this piece later in indirect sunlight at angles to try to capture some of that shimmer that she does have. ^^;

Over all, she was fun to do.  Beautiful, pale, and alone in the sky...  The colored version looks sad, compared to the sketch version.  The fun thing with art, especially when I work with traditional media, is that things don't always come out the way I intend.  Some pieces begin to have their own personality as they are worked on.


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