Working on More Sprites

Gardening always slows down when I cut myself accidentally with a sharp blade. LOL  When that happens, it keeps me reliably inside to work on art.  Luckily, I hold my blade in the right hand (my drawing hand), so I always cut something on my left hand.  The nasty slice with a garden sickle is looking better, although I've nicknamed my left index finger "Frankenfinger" since (... looking a bit cut up and discolored  ^^;  )

Been working on a few sprites while my finger is healing.  I'm working toward the 50th sprite.  Can you believe it?  Although I have a few that's going to be pushed back for a release (probably sometime next month), with the Ellen Million Graphics joint/collaboration coloring books' deadlines extended by two months, I can concentrate on working on some new releases.  I've started working on a new collection as well as continuing to expand the popular Sprite series.  I am even working on a very special sprite that's a little creepy, and definitely unique.  :D

Above is a partial preview of one of the new babies coming soon.  It's a flower that had been requested, but I initially didn't have an idea as to how I'd approach.  Lately, all these flowers that have been on my list for a long time due to my inability to come up with a character design have started to come off the list one by one.  I'm really happy about that.  I'm feeling a wonderful 'flow' when I sit down to doodle.  Lately, the first doodle becomes the basis for inking whenever I set out to design a sprite, and that's awesome.

The new series to be launched in mid-July (hopefully) is also a simpler, whimsical approach like my Sprites.  I'm having a lot of fun with these guys.  But I'm going to keep them under the wrap for a little longer as I work to accumulate a reasonable number of images in the collection for a big launch. :D  I'm usually pretty haphazard when it comes to digi releases - making a listing whenever I get done drawing and processing - but I'm going to do something a little different to make it more fun for the fans and my DT ladies, hopefully. :D   Ahh, projects!  *fun fun*


  1. It so beautifully looks out, I cannot wait to see everything


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