Another Update on the Coloring Books Fundraiser

As of this morning, we're more than half way to the next stretch goal of $2,500.  Less than $150 to go before we unlock the next title "Scheherazade's Shimmy" (a multi-artist collaborative collection inspired by Arabian Nights and belly dancers).

Cover photo courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics.
12 artists' work are in this volume.  Many are friends of mine from Enchanted Visions Project and Sketch Fest (Ahh, Sketch Fest...  It's been a long time since I've managed to participate and have fun... T_T )
I have my Desert Rose (full version with the window in the background) in this volume.  (Just got the words late yesterday. LOL)  I haven't seen a preview pages of this book, but it should be a fun volume.

The number of coloring book titles available in PDF format has grown to 12 on the most current update that I have seen of this campaign.  A few more of the old out-of-print titles have also been added onto the list.

With official updates numbering 8, it's becoming harder and harder to keep track of what's what at different pledge levels and the option of add-ons.  I feel the easiest way to keep track is by reading the whole campaign home page here.  And I mean, read the entire page all the way to the bottom.  There's so much information.  But if you're a pleding support, please know that your pledge amount can be increased or decreased, or even completely withdrawn before the end of the campaign period.  Kickstarter has it flexible.  I've just increased my pledge yesterday.  And it was super easy.  ^_^

10 days left to go.  Currently counting 73 backers.  Somebody just pledges $100. :D  We should be able to make the $2,500 stretch goal this weekend for sure. ^_^


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