Successful Fundraiser

With only 19 hours left to go in the campaign, I expect this to be my final update on the fundraiser.  This weekend has seen a flurry of supporters adding pledges, which allowed up to get past so many of the stretch goals that included color covers and reprints of old titles.

I am happy to report that my two new titles will have full-color covers, and the latest stretch goal just reached has guaranteed a reprint of the original "Gardens & Goddesses" coloring book (I'm down to 5 copies in my Etsy shop and Ellen Million Graphics has run out of copies during this campaign.).  What does this mean?  Well, all three coloring books will be offered at my Etsy shop this fall.  That's what this means. :D

Cover images courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics

I admit, it was a little frustrating and sometimes downright difficult to watch the progress on Kickstarter.  Especially when I saw there were over 600 shares of the link on Facebook, yet there were only a dozen or so actual backers.  But as I'd seen before, Kickstarter campaigns tend to see flurries of activities in the final days and hours before they come to an end.  I think this is especially true for campaigns that have already reached their goals (which guarantees project going forward and most honest folks will try their hardest to deliver what's been promised as reward to supporters).

I'm completely confident in Ellen's ability to deliver rewards to supporters.  There was never any question.  She had run a successful campaign last year, and she's been in the coloring book business long before that.  I've worked with and ordered multiple batches of my coloring books since 2011, with absolutely no problem.  ^_^

The final weekend is over, and now we can pretty much sit back and celebrate this successful campaign with a glass of wine. :D  Tomorrow morning, we'll be having a celebration event on Facebook where all supporters can gather and watch what final stretch goals may be reached.

I'm looking forward to ordering my first batch of books and making shop listings for these new coloring books.  Never mind I don't have any idea where I'll store these books. LOL


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