Peony Pyrography Project Part 2

WIP 4 - burning complete
This project went faster than I expected.  :D  I'm finished with the wood burning of this 7.5 x 9.5 inch panel.  Between going to the store and running other errands after writing today's earlier post, I was able to finish shading the petals of the flower #2 (on the right) and shade the leaves as well.

WIP 3 - flower #2 (on the right) finished
I mulled over different options for the shading of the leaves, and finally decided to do crosshatching.   I will be giving the flowers transparent tint tomorrow, so hopefully, the leaves will be dark enough for now.

The leaves kind of 'wrap' over the edge to the right.  It was tricky to burn these lines since the surface is curved. ^^;  Something different and fun.

I'm done for the day.  I'll get my watercolor out tomorrow and give transparent color - hoping for red and pink - to the blooms.  ^_^  And once that's done, I'll take better pics during daylight hours in a brighter room.

UPDATE (April 24, 2015) - Finished giving the two blooms tints of watercolor.  I like the way it came out.  This is just a quick snapshot in poor light as it is past 6:30 pm and sun is way low in the western sky.  I'll take a better pic during the mid day in indirect sunlight (That is... if we don't get hit by a storm tomorrow. ^^;   *fingers crossed* )  This is only my second wood burn project and the first one that I colored.  I think it's fun to add color, although I love the look of burned lines on wood the way it is very much.  I've worked some more on the colors after I took this photo, so the final image is  going to be a little different.  ^_^   As an Asian, I grew up looking at drawings of peonies and chrysanthemums.  So this piece feels a little nostalgic - strangely enough, considering I just finished it.

WIP 5 - with watercolor tint on the blooms


  1. This is looking fabulous! I can't wait for the next picture!!

  2. The shading is coming along beautifully! This is so exciting! Can't wait to see the color added. Fabulous! xxD

  3. This is looking amazing beautiful
    Huge Hugz, Lorraine xx


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