EMG Kickstart Is LIVE!

We've been having fun all weekend long at the Kickstarter Launch Party on FB, showing off colored pages and playing other games.  I just dispatched two more of my prizes to the lucky winners this afternoon, and THAT's always fun.

My Aurora Wings Challenge Blog also just kicked off with a new challenge theme earlier today.  Yes, Ellen and I have been coordinating events together for this venture in hopes that two heads really are better than one.  Our new theme is Black & White with or without a Splash of Color .  It is a fun one whether you are a card maker or a coloring enthusiast.  This is a theme that brings the best in the designers on my design teams, so I think people will have lots of fun if they can just give it a try.

Going back to the EMG's Kickstarter.  We have a window of 2 weeks to get the fund raised to print the two titles - my 'Gardens & Goddesses vol. 3' and Ellen's 'Splendrix'.  (Click on the titles to be taken to the info page where you can view preview pages and download a free high-resolution sampler page to color.)  And this is the rare opportunity for people to get the PDF copies of the coloring books from EMG.  I occasionally hear my international (I mean the people from outside the US.) Etsy customers talk how prohibitive the shipping cost is.  I've had way more people just order them anyway, but I totally understand how expensive shipping cost has gotten in recent years.

At the time of this writing, I know the initial goal has already been met - literally within hours on Day 1.  Woot!  So now, it's time for the Stretch goal #1.  I say '#1' because, judging from how EMG's Kickstarter events had gone before in the past, there will be many goals met along the 2-week campaign.  Some of the stretch goals will be reprinting of the out-of-print titles, and others may include additional new titles - not sure on this, since I'm not the decision maker in this campaign, so don't hold your breath!  At any rate, as a supporter, your pledge will be helping to bring more coloring books to you.  If this sounds like a cause you can get excited about, I invite you to come check out the campaign right here!

UPDATE (April 17, 2018)

Before the half day's mark, this fundraiser has met the original goal.  And just before the 24 hours mark, the first Stretch Goal has been unlocked.  Our big thank-you to our awesome supporters!  Now that the initial goal has been met, this project is officially funded, and now this Kickstarter essentially functions like a pre-order for coloring books for all those who are interested.

And also because the project is funded, Ellen can now start accepting pledges via PayPal, outside the Kickstarter, to be counted toward the total, for those who don't have/don't want to use credit cards.  Contact her via comment at the Kickstarter page or click on the circular icon of Ellen to access her profile, where you can find a 'contact me' button to send her a message.

Additional Info for PDF Orders/Pledges

The first pledge tier for this event is set at $9 USD, with the reward specified as 'one PDF coloring book'.  Please know that you can pledge different amount from what's listed on tiers.  Ellen has set additional PDF coloring book at $6 USD each.  So if you want to get all of my Gardens & Goddesses coloring books (3 volumes) in PDFs, simply pledge $21 USD ($9 + $6 + $6 = $21).   No need to send her a message to tell her which titles of PDFs you want just yet.  You will receive an email (They call it 'survey' on Kickstarter.) once the campaign wraps up, and you will be able to specify your choices of books then.   But IF you're wanting to stake a claim on a physical copy of a title that is running low in stock, you need to message her right away.


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