EMG Kickstarter for Coloring Books Continues

Gardens & Goddesses vol. 3

It's official!  Now that the EMG Kickstarter's original goal has been met, the two new titles - one from me, and one from Ellen - are going to print.  The files had already been sent to the printer for proof, so this is great news!  I'm a bookworm of a traditional kind, so naturally, I much prefer holding a book (coloring book included) in my hand than have a PDF on my computer to print from.

That said, I'm not going to pretend that I'm not bothered by the ever-increasing shipping cost of everything, especially international packages.  So I totally understand all the positive things we can say about PDF files... and the people who ask for them.

PDF Copies Available Only During the Fundraiser

As long as I have been with EMG (I think since 2010, if my memory serves.), they have always made the PDF versions available only during the Kickstarter, and this is an event that comes around every year or two.  My last participation as a solo-title artist was back in 2014.  And there was several multi-artist compilation projects that I participated along the way.  But the case in point here is DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!  If you don't put in your pledge (Your first book - any title - starts at $9 USD, with each additional title at $6 USD.) by the end of May 1, you will most likely have to wait till their next Kickstarter to get your hands on a PDF version of our coloring books.

Stretch Goal #2 in Sight 

The fundraiser reached the original goal well before the end of Day 1.  The Stretch Goal #1 was also reached.  So one of the out-of-print titles is going back to print and comes back to life in a physical manifestation.  Now Ellen has set the Stretch Goal #2.

She's offering to add these two images - the cover art images from the new coloring books - as glossy postcard-size prints, to be included on all packages that go out with the physical copies of the books shortly after the campaign wraps up. 

New Rewards Available - Originals 

Originals from Ellen and myself are now offered as add-on rewards for those supporters who are looking for something special to keep for themselves or to give away as gifts.  I have 5 pieces made available for this special occasion, and Ellen has 6 pieces listed.

As all these works are images included in the new release books, this is a truly unique, collector's opportunity.  Hope you consider.  But please know that the pledge level starts at $9 USD for a PDF copy of a coloring book, and goes up from there.  Every pledge level includes 1 PDF book of your choice, and if you only want PDFs, each add-on of PDF copy is $6 USD each.  So if you want my 3 volumes of the Gardens & Goddesses series in PDFs, you pledge $21 USD ($9 + $6 + $6) under "Pledge $20 or more" tier, for example.

And here's an important point to remember.  If you want anything non-PDF as a reward for your pledge, be sure to contact Ellen as soon as you make a pledge (When you click on the fundraiser creator's icon at the upper left of the Kickstarter page, you'll be sent to her profile, where you'll find a 'Contact me' button.), and let her know which physical coloring book(s) or original art you'd like to stake a claim on.   Once a valid claim has been made, that item will be marked accordingly so no other supporter can claim it.  Some of the coloring books are 'limited quantities' and it could be a while before they get reprinted (As much as I hate to say it, times are tough for publishing in general these days, and especially so for a small business.)

PayPal Option Now Available 

You can now pledge support, using PayPal on Ellen's site, if you don't want to use credit card through Kickstarter.  The off-Kickstarter pledges will be tallied and posted with periodic updates. 
Pledge via PayPal

Hope to see you there among supporters.  And if you've already made a pledge, thank you so much!  If you have any questions regarding the details of this Kickstarter event, feel free to ask me here as well as on different groups and pages I frequent on Facebook.  I'll do my best to answer, and if your question stumps me, I'll get a hold of Ellen to get an answer.


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