"The Ruby Slipper" WIP

After all the festivity online (Thank you for all the birthday wishes on Facebook and deviantART!!), shopping fun, and general excitement of my birthday yesterday (and Jr.'s birthday still to be celebrated today), I finally got around to finish inking this mermaid line drawing for the Enchanted Visions Project. I need to hurry up and get the coloring finished soon.
She's my third mermaid (I don't name my fantasy figures except for Kia, my little elf girl.) image to date, and I've noticed that my first one was a little 'dark' in her looks (as in 'could be evil' sort of way) and the second one was benign and rather elegant maybe, and this one is like a happy, teenager who loves to shop for blings of all kinds. XD Looks like she found herself a new bling to add -- a ruby shoe. Sure, she doesn't have feet, but this mermaid is not about to let that get in the way of enjoying the precious find. After all, we girls love pretty shoes! :D


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