"La Sylphide" Complete

"La Sylphide" is finished.  It really can't show all the details at this size, and I really detest the fact that many people only see images the artists worked hard on in a mobile device screen of few inches squared.  I would rather produce images that have a lot to look at when viewed at full size than have something that only looks great as a thumbnail only to be really disappointing at full size (Thumbs really are so very forgiving to artwork with lots of flaws, so long as they have nice color contrast, simple/bold composition...)  I would much rather have my pieces viewed as a print of 5 x 7 than on a computer monitor at 500 x 700 pxl, also.  Although I don't want to go bigger than that either here or at facebook since art theft is rampant as we all know.

*Detail of the wings and the flowers shown at full size.

I seem to be going through the gold/brown phase.  My last three pieces all had this general color scheme.  I guess I love the warm earth tones, as well as the feeling of nostalgia these colors tend to produce. ^^


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