"Thep Kinnaree"

"Thep Kinnaree" completed.  This has been one of those pieces where you like it one moment and go away for a few and come back and you find something that you don't like about.  I got tired of going back and forth.  Last time this happened was with "Crimson Wings".  I started out really liking the line art and the idea, but as the time went by, I grew tired of it before I could complete it.  Something is just 'not right' about the shades of red/orange backlit on the monitor screen...  I'm thinking that this one is a similar situation.  Maybe I will like the printed version better. (Or else, I can always paint a different color version if it doesn't stop bothering me. lol)

All troubles aside, I do like making fantasy art with Buddhist flair.  I do like drawing lotus flowers.  Many of the deities are actually quite suited for fantasy work with wings, multiple pairs of arms, ornate decorations, flowing clothes, etc.  I played with the clouds on this picture with the typical styling that we see in Tibetan Buddhist thangkas of the round swirly shapes.


  1. oh wow its gorgeous!! i really do love the style of the clouds you picked up, and the lotus flowers are done so beautifully :D
    one of my favorite parts however must be the jewel like feathers trailing down after her
    fantastic work ^^


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