"La Sylphide" WIP 2

A work-in-progress shot of "La Sylphide", cropped to show detail.  I'm just starting to get going with the main figure's colors.  It's been going slower than I would have liked and it has nothing to do with planning, artistic decisions, or other things going on work-wise.  I'm having to deal with some emotional issues relating to ballet.  Lately, there have been multiple occasions where ballet has been popping up in my life -- two and a half years after I made my final decision to leave that world once and for all.  My old ballet watercolor paintings are getting renewed attention professionally, and I'm getting invitations to teach and perform in a local company, etc.  But I've come to know that ballet is something that's easier to live with if I'm not too close to it.  It's just like a problem substance to an addict -- much easier not to have it around the house than fight the temptations face to face. ^^;

I've painted three pieces in recent months that had a ballerina or fairy wearing pointe shoes and they never bothered me like this one. XD  It's probably because I had Marie Taglioni in mind, and the title is "La Sylphide" -- my favorite ballet.  It was the very first gift I received from my most respected of all teachers when I first began studying with her.  She gave me a video of Paris Opera Ballet's production featuring Ghislaine Thesmar.  She made an immense impression on me and its grip, to this day, is still strong.  Stronger than I ever thought it to be. 


  1. awe, good luck with the emotional stuff, that can't be easy. Your work in progress looks fantastic to me.

  2. Thank you for the support!! I worked on this some more last night, and I'm down to the last detail -- sparkly dots! XD

  3. i am so envious! come be my teacher for a week *:D*
    its absolutely stunning, i have a special love for green and pink together, i love you added these so softly together.

    i can relate to your feelings to something you were once very immerse in and attached to. if you felt it was for the best than ofc its best to keep it at a distance - what youre doing with your art is the perfect way to release those emotions imo...
    perhaps even a really dark piece of ballet inspired art. not only laying in the beauty of what the dance is on the surface but whats underneath that youre staying away from as well.

    just a suggestion! cant wait to see this beauty complete ^^

  4. No, no, you'll never see me do a dark, depressing art no matter how true to life it might be. Blood and gore or goth stuff maybe, but purely for entertainment like movies. I don't ever want to do anything that doesn't uplift or inspire. The world has enough dark stuff as is. XDD


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