"Believe in Tomorrow" Line

I've never done any art for the Breast Cancer Awareness month (October) nor a piece that features pink as the main color.  This one will be in shades of pink. It's almost a return visit to my doodle roots with flowers filling the good portion of the paper with fair amount of open space left untouched.  It also feels a little different since I hardly ever use landscape orientation.  I have a strong preference for the portrait orientation for the vertical 'height' -- the feeling of expansion upwards --, but when I want a calm, peaceful feeling in my image, I like to utilize this orientation for the tranquil feeling (although the field of flowers is in utter 'chaos' ^^; ).

This one really felt like a break from doing straight lines and man-made-object curves which I did so much of in "Steampunk Dark Angel" and "Santa Muerte".  It was nice to switch off the analytic part of the brain and just enjoy the 'doodling' of flowers.  It really is like a meditation in tiny motion for me, similar to a nice relaxing Sunday drive.


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