The Joy of Sharing

I've been doing fantasy art for a relatively short time (coming to the 2-year mark in October), and only have had my art licensed on various merchandise for less than a year (aside from my own POD shops, I mean), and I am now starting to see my name getting tagged onto the wonderful projects people are making with my licensed art. I usually see them sporadically at different groups and some direct posting on my wall on facebook.  Today I saw so many delightful things all within hours of one another, so I thought to collect them all here for a showcase.

* Card made using the rubber stamp of my "Pansy" by Birgitta Hyyrylainene-Metsi (shared on facebook).

* Steampunk Trapped Fairy Bottle made with my "Steampunk Dark Angel" digital download by Boni Grabusky (shared on facebook)

* Card made with digital download of "Lily, Lily" by Shirley Covarrubias (shared on facebook)

* Card made with a digi-stamp of "La Sylphide" by Shirley Covarrubias (shared on facebook)

* Tags made from some of my images available through and for a contest at My Tag Art (shared on facebook)

*"October Rose" decoupage canvas project video clip by Cynthia Franco-Guerrero (shared on facebook via YouTube)

It's such a delight every time I come across a project made with one of my images.  I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed working with the lines or tubes, and thank you all so much for sharing the finished projects!!

Where to shop:
* Digital downloads of line art are available at Scrapbook Stamp Society.
* Rubber stamps are available at Addicted-to-Stamps and Queen Kat Designs.
* Tubes for tagging are available at My Tag Art.


  1. theyre all so beautiful! what lovely creative creations :D you must be so thrilled to see your art remade in such inspirational ways ^^

  2. *nod nod* It's always a lot of fun to see what color combinations people come up with for the same line art. ^_^ And I love seeing the prettified tags!! :D I was impressed when someone made an animated tag out of my "Lady of the Forest", too.


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