"Santa Muerte" Line Art

"Santa Muerte" inked.  As much fun as it was to ink, it seemed like it took me forever.  Straight lines (like the handle on the scythe) tend to slow me down and curvy lines (like the blade) also slow me down.  Details like lace and beads are simply tedious, although they do add delightful 'something' similar to shading with stippling technique.  Roses and marigolds everywhere, but I LOVE randomly filling space with flowers.

I've done a 'color test' on the sketch version of this to work out the general idea for the color scheme.  I'd imagine that most people who see the title and the line art will guess that I'd be painting this mostly in black, but my original plan (and that's my current plan, still) is mostly white.  Pale colors for the marigolds and the pheasant feathers, and of course, the scythe will have a metallic tone of some kind.


  1. Wow, so pretty *-*
    All the details in the lineart are amazing and I'm sure the finished piece will look gorgeous as well.
    I'm also very fond of your planned choice of color~
    I can't wait to see the finished artwork <3

  2. Thank you so much! That's very kind of you. ^^


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