Products Magically Disappear at Zazzle

I'm hoping that the missing products will magically reappear shortly. XD  I'll have to keep a sense of humor about these things that are FREE, like facebook and Zazzle.  Many people seem to love the opportunity to bitch and complain.  In fact, people are probably 100 times more likely to complain about something not meeting their expectation than compliment someone when they exceed their expectations.  There's something wrong with that mindset, I feel.

That said, it's a bit frustrating for all shopkeepers when their shops don't appear right.  We tinker with our shops all the time about every detail (well, at least, I do), so they are to our liking.  That's a lot of time and effort.  So when our baby is not looking 'right', it's a cause for concern to say the least, even if we created and have maintained this baby for free. lol  Zazzle has just implemented a new tagging system (citing ease and speed of product posting and usability/searchability for customers), and the products' disappearance coincided with that new change.  I've always looked upon 'upgrades' with suspicion because 80% of the time, the supposed 'upgrade' is not what it's all cracked up to be.  There are glitches and bugs that generally cause things to slow down (not to mention the learning curve of learning the new features)... and in this case, magically loses your files, or at least, misplaces them for you.

*Most of my missing products are from my 'Santa Muerte' section.  
There should be well over 20 products, but only 7 are showing up.

I'm not passionate about facebook, so every new feature implemented does not provoke a strong emotional response in me.  I'll notice something is different, but I'll simply dismiss it as such and move on without making a fuss.  But when it comes to my Zazzle shop, I feel a lot more emotionally invested. ^^;  Luckily, I can stay calm and wish for the best (safe return of my shop's appearance to what it used to be) since we've seen this before ... multiple times.  Each time, things got fixed (including something new that I actually liked that got reverted back...).  It may take a while, but they always EVENTUALLY figure it out.  So, I sit here taking a break from my artwork and checking on my shops, bitterly noticing that things are not back to normal... just yet. XD


  1. As of the evening of the Oct. 6th, all is back to normal. As expected. ^_^ It's a good thing.


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