"Spirited Away" Lines

   Just finished inking the line art for the "Spirited Away" piece.  This one really does have a lot of details.  I'm going to have to start looking into a larger scanner so I can begin using larger paper to do my drawings on.  It is physically difficult to put as much fine details as I'd like to into a space that's only 8.5" x 11" after all. ^^;

   I really like the way this is looking so far.  I'm particularly fond of the main figure which is a combination of moth, fish, and bird, but the mask is probably my favorite part of all, making it difficult to tell whether she is benevolent or if she has something to hide.  Also the fact that she is of both water creature and the flying creature makes her a being who is capable of travelling between different worlds (air and water) and having the understanding of what's visible as well as what's hidden (as in murky depth of water), intellect and subconscious, yin and yang, etc.

   I also like the skeletal fish with gnarly teeth lurking about.  You can't tell whether the celestial figure is trying to save the hapless child from those scary ghost fish or if the ghost fish are the minion to the mistress, just helping her to lure the child into a trap.

   And there's the apparent hesitation on the child's part which I hope is visible in her not-too-eager-to-reach-out hands.  She seems to be reaching out to the hand of the celestial being, but she's not absolutely certain if that's what she should be doing or not.  I love it.


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