New Tube Released from PSP Tube Stop

Image courtesy of PSP Tube Stop

"Steampunk Dark Angel", one of my personal favorites of all time, was just released as an 8-layer tube from PSP Tube Stop today.  I've been anticipating the release since I had the opportunity to preview this one as the finished tube a little while ago.  This piece has so many things I like all rolled into one and that is why I feel that this one occupies a special place in my heart (But no, I don't have a name for her.  I know many artists who give names to their fairies and mermaids, but I'm just not attached to my art in that way. ^^): golden color scheme, hint of 'dark elements', wings, fluffy hair, light eyes, frilly dress, fishnet stockings, boots with lots of buckles, a tough, warrior-type girl.  This was my first attempt at the popular stempunk genre, and it still remains my ONLY stempunk piece in the entire portfolio.  Looking at this now is giving me the itch to get started on my second stempunk piece. ^_^


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