Monday, July 30, 2012

Stippling Fun

   With all the commission work that I've received this spring and summer, I haven't been able to find time to do much in terms of fantasy work for fun ( = pieces I make for the Enchanted Visions Project or others for personal enjoyment).  But as the saying goes, "All work and no play...", my productivity wasn't the best in the past week, so I decided to take a mental break from the commission work and do a drawing 'just for fun'.

   I wanted to submit something other than "Circe" for the Greek Mythology theme at the EMG-Zine, and I have been thinking about the cloud nymph idea, so I decided to go ahead and draw the whole thing in pen, using only the stippling technique.  Stippling is a technique I have always enjoyed using for shading, but I have never done an entire piece with it.  I also love the look of a piece done with this technique, and since the mental image I had for this theme called for a lot of clouds in the scene, I thought it would be a good match for the subject matter.

   It took me about 6 to 7 hours for the whole thing over 2 days.  It's simple, but I like it. ^^  It was a nice return to my roots -- doodles in biro.  Although the idea of stippling the entire piece may be tedious to many,  I find the process relaxing mentally and meditative at times.   I enjoy sitting down with a piece of blank paper and spending time alone with it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Custom Tattoo Design Commission

   This is my favorite kind of work.  Since I am Japanese and come from the rich history of exquisite full-body or other large scale tattoo art, I admire tattoo art a lot and appreciate the work that goes into those fabulous pieces.  Whenever I get a commission request for a tattoo design, I'm expected to deliver a fairly detailed, clean line art for them, and I aim to come up with something that would please the client as much as myself.  Everyone has the basic idea of what they want (like elements to be represented and the size of the overall work), which usually gives me a good starting point.  I also love asking them questions and finding out what's meaningful to them.  Each and every element in a tattoo is a symbol for something.  It's personal and intimate, and profoundly meaningful.

   This time I got to do a commission for an artist friend in Italy.  She already had two small tattoos on her back and wanted something that covered about half of her back (upper) with a betta fish, calla lilies, calicantus flowers, poppies, and skull(s).  Aside from leaving space for the existing tattoos, her idea about how the pieces were to relate to one another in style, and the fish's orientation, she gave me the artistic freedom to arrange the elements to my liking.

   Since she was not particular about the number of skulls, my first sketch looked like this with a single skull prominently positioned.  She liked the flowers and the fish, but told me that she would like to see the skull less prominently.  So I work around the original skull in the middle to come up with my second version of the sketch.

   This version has two skulls nestled into the flowers.  They are also made smaller and less prominent.  She liked this version and gave me a green light to ink.

   The final, inked version of the design.  I like the flow of the leaves and fish's tail and fins, and the skulls' dark holes and poppies dark centers.  The fish tail and fins were quite time consuming with filaments flowing all over the place, making it tricky to see which piece was in front of which one.  It was difficult to keep my concentration at times, but I pretty much did the inking of the piece in one sitting.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Giveaway -- July 5 through August 5

   "Enchanted Visions", a recent work of mine that loosely re-interprets the famous Cottingley Faries of 1917 in full color whimsy, is the prize for the new giveaway running from July 5th through August 5th, 2012.  The mini poster print measures approximately 8.5" x 11", and is professionally printed by a commercial print company on a glossy stock for a smooth finish in beautifully vibrant colors with crisp lines.  It's a beautiful reproduction of the digital original.  The print will be signed to the winner.  All my giveaway prizes are shipped free of charge to the winners, so there's no cost.

   This time, the referrer also has a chance to win -- if a person who wins after clicking on a post you shared on your Facebook page wins, you also win!  So possibly two winners will be getting this prize.  Here's how to enter.

   Go to my giveaway link and follow the onscreen instructions.  It's simple.

   The monthly giveaways are always announced first and links will be repeatedly posted at my Facebook page.  Remember to 'like' the page so you'll always be informed of the most current giveaway, take a peek at the works-in-progress, and get coupon code for discount at my shop. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

BBC's Sherlock Fan Art - Chibi

   Suddenly and randomly, I made a fan art of Sherlock (chibi-fied or is it chibi-rized?).   The picture is a reference to the "Scandal in Belgravia" from season 2.

   I haven't drawn a fan art in a really long time.  The last one I did was of Sesshoumaru from anime series "InuYasha" and that was back in December of 2010 for an art trade.  Lately though, I have been working on  nothing but commissioned work for weeks.  Luckily, some clients ask me to do what I want to do after just giving me simple prompts/requests while other assignments can turn into tedious production work.

   "All work and no play" as the saying goes, was starting to drive me a little nutty.  The nuttiness must find some outlet in the form of 'art for fun' sometimes.  I hope some of you enjoy this. ^^  I had fun.