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EMG Kickstarter for Coloring Books - 3 Days Left!

Final Weekend of the Kickstarter The Kickstarter campaign by EMG is down to the final 3 days now.  Last time I checked (this evening), the Stretch Goal #2 has just been unlocked.  This means all supporters who are getting physical copies of coloring books will be getting the two postcards of the cover art included in the package. :D  They will be lovely collectibles. Courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics Even if you're pledged at just a PDF book level, Ellen is making this reward available as an add-on for $5 USD for US/ $6 USD for international.  Postcards will be shipped in a small envelope with a thank you note.  (To get add-ons, you simply stay at your current reward level tier, and change the value of your pledge to "add on" however much you need to cover the goodies you want.) Stretch Goal #3 has been announced!  The PDF copy of Ellen's "Asterix" for every supporter at $2,600 USD. Last Chance for the PDF Coloring Books Hope you take adv

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