Thursday, October 16, 2014

Title List of "Midnight Gardens" Coloring Book

I was going to write this post yesterday, but got busy with errands, so here is the list of titles for the dark fantasy coloring book, "Midnight Gardens".

  • Las Calaveras (colored version on the cover)
  • Along Came a Spider (original line art)
  • Dragon Lore
  • Dance of a Thousand Birome (aka Goddess of Biro)
  • Secret Kisses (original line art)
  • A Dark Undercurrent
  • Memento Mori
  • Anima Sola
  • Circe (original line art)
  • Bone Queen
  • Santa Muerte
  • Steampunk Dark Angel
  • Unless
  • Spirited Away
  • Metanoia
  • Thep Kinnaree (original line art)
  • Viridis Incendia
  • One by One
  • The Darker Bride
  • White Lady
This book contains two exclusives (marked by red text) that will not be released in digis because of the full details from edge to edge.  Four images that are currently available in digi format are also featured with full original details in the background in the coloring book.  

Spirited Away ©Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

Metanoia  ©Mitzi Sato-Wiuff
Shown here with original orientation.  Coloring book's line art is rotated 90 degrees to the left to accommodate the portrait orientation of the book.

By now, all the Kickstarter fundraiser supporters should have received their PDFs from Ellen Million Graphics.  (I have also received the entire 16 titles as a supporter of the campaign.  ^_^  I was looking forward to check out the Fairy Tales, Shimmy, Songgryphons, and Steamdreaming myself and ... maybe find some free time to play with some of the images ... especially those by my friend and a fellow artist, Jenny Heidewald.  ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PDF Copies from the Coloring Book Fundraiser

Just received an e-mail from Ellen Million Graphics with links to the PDF copies of the coloring books.  This is actually the first time I get to see the final selections of the titles in my book, "Gardens & Goddesses volume 2".  When I first submit images, I don't usually have any idea if all of the images will make it into the book or not.  Plus, there were a few images submitted later to the batch.  ^^;

Anyhow, here's the list of titles that are included in the G & G 2 book.

  • White Poppy (colored version on the cover)
  • Red Poppies
  • La Fee Verte
  • Christmas Fairy
  • Leanne's Angel
  • Autumn Harmony
  • What Dreams May Come
  • Enchanted Visions
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Marie Nyantoinette
  • Freyja
  • Heartstrings
  • New Beginnings
  • If Only
  • Peace Rose
  • Romanza
  • The Arrival of Spring (full version)
  • Pink Ribbon Mermaid (full version)
  • Steampunk Test Flight
  • Stardancer
The titles in red are coloring book exclusives.  The Arrival of Spring is the full version (with background details) of "Little Elf Kia" in digi.  Pink Ribbon Mermaid in the coloring book has the sea weed details not included in the digi version.

Romanza ©Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

If Only ©Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

The "Brain Celebrations" book has two of my pieces - Anima Sola and The Darker Bride.
The "Apples and Roses" book contains my "Rococo Cinderella" (full version).  I will release the Cinderella-only version in digi format soon.
I'll have the title list of the dark book in tomorrow's post.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Daily Deviation on deviantART

I just logged into deviantART to see what was up.  I have not been posting anything new in a while so I was just making a round to check messages.  When I checked the visit stat and saw a spike of some 900 views on Saturday, I thought something was up.  From my past experience, I gathered it was either a journal feature by someone with millions of followers or a Daily Deviation.  I had to check my comments section to figure out what was what, and it became evident that "Reverie" received the honor of Daily Deviation on Oct. 4, 2014.

I'm a little bit sad that I didn't discover this on Saturday.  Let's see... what was I up to on Saturday?  Frantically working on digi files.  Just like I've been doing most of this year, day after day after day.  To think I missed out on the excitement of the Daily Deviation honor!!  Yep, I'm still sad.  ^^;

"Reverie" in ink, watercolor, & acrylic ©Mitzi Sato-Wiuff 2013
Private collection
This is my 6th piece to receive the honor of Daily Deviation (I keep a special folder of pieces chosen for this honor in my deviantART account under aruarian-dancer.).  I still make a big deal out of it simply because it's an undeniable fact that there are probably billions of artwork on that site.  Unless you have a huge following, and you are prolific, it's hard to be noticed.  I've been lucky that fellow deviants have been noticing my work and recommending them for the honor.  It's always especially nice when the piece that  gets the front page honor happens to be one of your personal favorites.  I've had everything from a doodle done on printer paper to a digital piece with over 20 hours spent to a traditional piece like this one chosen for DD so far.  This one was painted about a year ago.  Sat on my shelf for a while, but then found a happy new home of a collector while listed on Etsy.  ^_^

Looking at this piece makes me want to do some traditional art in subdued colors again.  Like I said, I've been frantically producing digital stamps most of this year, but things have been especially hectic since I lost 3 weeks in August and September to being sick.  ^^;  There's something exquisitely lovely about people liking something that I made for pure enjoyment for myself.  People will always like fan art.  Crafters will like line art for coloring.  That's all very nice, but it just doesn't quite come close to the joy of finding an appreciative audience for a piece one paints for pure enjoyment with pretty much no regards to commercial or popularity concerns.

Getting a Daily Deviation for our original work does magic for our motivation, confidence, and belief in ourselves.  Maybe I'm feeling this particularly keenly since I've been away from regular production of this type of art.  Time to actively seek to balance things out, and get back to spending some serious 'me' time!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Successful Fundraiser

With only 19 hours left to go in the campaign, I expect this to be my final update on the fundraiser.  This weekend has seen a flurry of supporters adding pledges, which allowed up to get past so many of the stretch goals that included color covers and reprints of old titles.

I am happy to report that my two new titles will have full-color covers, and the latest stretch goal just reached has guaranteed a reprint of the original "Gardens & Goddesses" coloring book (I'm down to 5 copies in my Etsy shop and Ellen Million Graphics has run out of copies during this campaign.).  What does this mean?  Well, all three coloring books will be offered at my Etsy shop this fall.  That's what this means. :D

Cover images courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics

I admit, it was a little frustrating and sometimes downright difficult to watch the progress on Kickstarter.  Especially when I saw there were over 600 shares of the link on Facebook, yet there were only a dozen or so actual backers.  But as I'd seen before, Kickstarter campaigns tend to see flurries of activities in the final days and hours before they come to an end.  I think this is especially true for campaigns that have already reached their goals (which guarantees project going forward and most honest folks will try their hardest to deliver what's been promised as reward to supporters).

I'm completely confident in Ellen's ability to deliver rewards to supporters.  There was never any question.  She had run a successful campaign last year, and she's been in the coloring book business long before that.  I've worked with and ordered multiple batches of my coloring books since 2011, with absolutely no problem.  ^_^

The final weekend is over, and now we can pretty much sit back and celebrate this successful campaign with a glass of wine. :D  Tomorrow morning, we'll be having a celebration event on Facebook where all supporters can gather and watch what final stretch goals may be reached.

I'm looking forward to ordering my first batch of books and making shop listings for these new coloring books.  Never mind I don't have any idea where I'll store these books. LOL

Friday, September 26, 2014

Final Weekend of the Fundraiser

Oh, boy, it's coming down to the last 3 days! Here's a look at the revised cover of "Gardens & Goddesses volume 2", as we have not only unlocked the title a while back, but as of yesterday, the pledge total is high enough that this volume (and the other, dark fantasy coloring book, "Midnight Gardens") is guarantee to go to print with a color cover.  Sweet!!  The revised cover has the background color that closely matches the G & G volume 1 (My colorful "Pansy" is the cover art of that book.).  I was almost holding my breath all day yesterday, anxious for these two titles to achieve color covers.  I'm thrilled to picture all three of my coloring books being listed at my Etsy shop. :D  *happy~~~*

Cover image courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics
I'm excited to report that the campaign total is showing (on the Kickstarter page) at $3,795 with 104 backers.  That figure is for the on-site total.  Ellen is also accepting off-site pledge from people who prefer to avoid transacting with Amazon or people who have credit to spend from Ellen Million Graphics' Sketch Fest and other services.  Counting the most recent update figure from the off-site pledges, we have a total of $3,998.75 and 107 backers for the coloring books. :D  How awesome!

So now, the next stretch goal in sight is the reprinting of "Songgryphons" coloring book.  This title has been out of print for some time.  It has been voted by the supporters of this campaign as the 'popular choice' for reprint.  This will happen when the pledge total reaches $4,000 as possibly our final stretch goal.

7 new coloring books funded, with 4 with color covers, and maybe one reprint of an out-of-print title.  This is everything we had hoped for.  How awesome!!

I'm squeezing in an advert here for my free gift for all subscribers of the new AuroraWings Newsletter (monthly).  The gift digi's download link will be in the first mailings of the newsletter, scheduled to go out on Oct. 2.  If you haven't signed up for it yet (I doubt there are still people who haven't... since I've been mentioning this a lot all of last week.  Hehe.), now is the time! :D  You can just use the sign-up form found in the sidebar of this blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Midnight Gardens Coloring Book

Great news, if you have been following the progress of our colorcing book fundraiser on Kickstarter.  Figuring in the off-site backers support, the campaign total has reached $3,517.50, which means that "Midnight Gardens" is officially unlocked as a PDF and gets a green light to go to print! *happy dance*

With campaign winding down to just 4 more days to go, now it comes down to whether we'll see "Fishpond Fantasies" and "Apples and Roses" with full-color covers, and then whether we'll see "Gardens & Goddesses 2" and "Midnight Gardens" with color covers, before moving onto reprints of other out-of-date titles for additional stretch goals.

Meanwhile, I've had flurry of purchases at my Etsy shop for the original "Gardens & Goddesses", as this title is all but gone at Ellen Million Graphics, and down to 5 at my shop.  As one of the most popular titles offered through EMG, this one is pretty much guaranteed to have yet another printing (I belive it will be its 4th.), so I can expect to see it in my shop about the same time I get my hands on the physical copies of the two new titles. :D  Yay, yay, ya~y!!!  This was the good news I was waiting for after a morning full of crappy news. LOL

Cover images by Ellen Million Graphics.  I feel that these coloring books MUST have color covers...
So now, the additional stretch goal has been spelled out:

  • At $3,600, "Fishpond Fantasies" and "Apples and Roses" will get color covers
  • At $3,700, my two solo titles will get color covers
  • At $4,000, "Songgryphons" will be reprinted
Four days left to go.  We would so prefer to see the covers in full color.  I mean, it's so nice.  There's no denying the special allure of fully colored images, even for coloring books.  The imagination gets a creative boost, I feel. :D  Besides, since the first "Gardens & Goddesses" has color cover, it sure would be nice to get a matching set, isn't it?  Hehe.  I'll be watching the campaign closely for the next several days, and if/when necessary, I'm ready and willing to kick up my pledge even more to make the color covers happen.  That, at least, is within my realm of control. ^_^

EDIT (6:45 pm MDT): With the off-site supporter pledge counted into the total, we now have confirmation that these two coloring books of mine will have COLOR COVERS!  Yay!  Thank you, everyone, for making this happen. :D  We've also reached the 100 supporters mark, so every backer gets an ACEO print. :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Down to the Last 5 Days

The coloring books fundrasier campaign on Kickstarter by Ellen Million Graphics is coming down to the final days!  Eek!  We're officially past $3,000 in pledge on Kickstarter.  Counting the off-site support Ellen has also started accepting (for people who don't want to transact via and other reasons, I suppose...), the total is a little over $3,100 at the time of this writing.

At $3,000 pledge total, a dark fantasy coloring book titled "Wings of Night" was unlocked.

Cover image courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics.

Some pages from the Wings of Night coloring book.  Courtesy of Ellen Million Graphics.

This is one of the two titles in this fundraising campaign that I actually don't have an image in. LOL  XD  I have an image in each of the following titles:

  • Apples and Roses - fairy tales book by multiple artists
  • Brain Celebrations - zombie book by multiple artists
  • Scheherazade's Shimmy - Arabian Nights and belly dancers book by multiple artists

On top of these three, I have 2 solo titles "Gardens & Goddesses 2" and "Midnight Gardens".  G&G2 was unlocked last week and it will go to print after the campaign is over.   On the line, right now (and giving me heart palpitations), is "Midnight Gardens".  This is the collection featuring the dark fantasy pieces of mine.  I would LOVE to see this volume go to print.  We only have a handful of days left to reach $3,500, and it's definitely making me nervous. LOL  I was checking the Kickstarter page multiple times a day, leading up to this point, but I can't check it so often.  It makes me nervous. ^^;

I have been updating the progress on facebook (both at AW group and my personal page), and yesterday, I even wrote up a journal post on deviantART, which I have not done in almost a year.  There's a video and link at my main web site as well.  I feel I've done all I could do to spread the word (short of sending spammy e-mails to all my friends and contacts...), so I really need to sit back now and hope the Universe to do its magic.  I don't know how things go at the last minute at Kickstarter campaigns, but it will be interesting to see if we could get a flurry of support right before the close. ^_^

You can access the campaign home page from the little gadget in the sidebar to the left of this post. ^_^  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Reward (one title in PDF format) starts at just $7 pledged.
  • Additional $50 to any reward tier will get you 14 (possibly more) titles in PDFs - imagine how many hours of coloring fun that would be!
  • You are able to change pledge amount (increase, decrease, withdraw) at any time during the campaign before it ends
Ellen has already run a successful Kickstarter last year for other volumes of coloring books, and she has been in the business of publishing coloring books for years.  I would consider this campaign to be extremely low risk (and high reward!).  I hope you decide to support us. ^_^  And to everyone who has already pledged support, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!