More on Gardens & Goddesses vol. 3

The EMG Kickstarter Launch Party continues through the weekend at the FB event page.  We've been playing games and posting covers and preview of inside pages even.  There was a reveal today of all the images that are included in the upcoming Gardens & Goddesses vol. 3 that I'm sharing today.

I'm the co-host with Ellen, so I'll be popping in and out throughout and commenting on everyone's posts.  After being stuck with a few ridiculously gusty, cold days, we are finally treated to a beautiful clear sky with gentle breezes, so I'm squeezing in some backyard gardening in my day, but I'll check in as I take mini-breaks.

To join in any of the 'open' games, you just come to the event page and either post your response or pics of the colored page (or two) in the appropriate spots.  All games will select winners by random number, so everyone has a chance to win.  We won't be judging the colored works based on quality or anything.  We're all about fun with coloring.  Hope you can join now through Monday, the 16th.

And here's a little bit more about the Kickstarter itself, which will begin on Monday the 16th.  We're trying to raise funds to bring these two titles as the main goal.  Splendrix by Ellen Million, and Gardens & Goddesses vol. 3 by yours truly.  If we meet the first goal, there will be stretch goals added with detailed descriptions.  Ellen is planning to bring a few of the out-of-print titles of popular coloring books from the EMG library.  All coloring books titles by EMG will be available in physical copies as well PDF format (no limit on PDF coloring books, while some titles are extremely limited in physical copies).  When the Kickstarter goes live, you'll be able to read all the details.  Ellen has run multiple successful Kickstarters to bring many titles of coloring books.  So I expect this time around will be no exception in terms of the fun and excitement this will generate.   Start browsing EMG coloring books right here at their web site today!


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