Gardens & Goddesses vol 3

I can't believe that this is my first post in almost 2 years!  Time flies...

I couldn't help but notice that my previous post was about a coloring book, and the post before that was about a Kickstarter fundraiser by EMG.  Well, we've come a full circle.  My post today is about a new Kickstarter by EMG.

I am happy to say that this upcoming Kickstarter is for the Gardens & Goddesses vol. 3 - yes, finally!  The first and the second volumes proved to be very successful over the years.  And I've had many inquiries in the past few years about G & G vol. 3.  Considering that the second volume came out in 2014, and there are artists who just pumps out one volume after another, this is a long time coming, indeed.

Tomorrow, and the extended weekend that follows, I will be co-hosting the Kickstarter Launch Party on FB with Ellen as kind of a before-party to the actual fundraiser event.  It should be fun with the unveiling of the covers (I got to help on that this time!) plus games and prizes all week long.  Everyone is invited to just stop by whenever they want and check out what's going on for a chance to win pages from the new coloring book.

Of course, the main reason I'm mentioning this FB party and the fundraiser that will follow (from April 16 through May 1) is that THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET PDF VERSIONS OF THE COLORING BOOKS!!  Yes, Ellen only makes the PDF versions of the coloring books available during the Kickstarter for new coloring books.  All of EMG's fantasy coloring books for grown-ups, including mine, will be offered to the people who pledge support during the Kickstarter event.

Ellen has told me that the support level starts from under $10 USD all the way up to a few hundred dollars for those with deep wallets and penchant for supporting art events, with reward tiers starting with a single coloring page download all the way up to all the physical copies, PDF copies, and maybe some original artworks by us (Things have a way of getting added as the fundraiser goes on...).  She makes it very friendly and accessible for most anyone, that's for sure.

While I'm writing up this post, I will also mention that she has a FB group called Coloristas of Ellen Million Graphics and I highly recommend this group to anyone who enjoys coloring beautiful line art images, but especially if you're from outside the US or your budget is limited (or both).  She routinely makes coloring pages from different titles available for members to color.  But please know that she's not just doing a giveaway for the sake of giving things away.  It's more like, 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.  She asks that you kindly share the photos of your finished coloring (or work-in-progress, if you like) in various social media you use, with proper credits mentioned before you request another file to color.  Sounds perfectly fair, doesn't it?

Current offers at the FG group.
You request an image in a comment at the group, they'll PM you the image.
You post your finished coloring, and then you can request another, and so on.

Ellen also has a high-resolution PREVIEW PAGE download already available at the EMG web site.  This offer is separate from what is on offer at the Coloristas group on FB, so you're free to just enjoy coloring.  You are, of course, invited to show your coloring of this page at the group as well.  And of course, any members coloring any of my images are welcome to post at the Stamps by AuroraWings group as well.

This is a preview of a preview, so go get your hi-res download at the link above.
Meanwhile, I am currently out of Gardens & Goddesses vol. 1 and 2 at my Etsy shop.  More will be coming and the listings for those titles will become active once I have some in stock and ready to ship.  I always tuck in some extra goodies and a hand-written note with all prints and coloring books orders.

Anyhow, that's it for the first post in nearly 2 years today.  I have to get back to work.  I have digi new release showcase to get ready for tomorrow, and some garden work to do before things get out of control.  (Can't believe it's 80 degrees right now!  Everything is coming up green - well, mostly weeds...)


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