Monday, February 25, 2013

Follow Up on Sketch Fest # 33

Took me a while to get to this one with some extra events happening in the month of February with family (all good stuff), but I finally managed to finish "Moon Goddess" sketch that was started during the Sketch Fest # 33 (weekend of the Feb. 15, 2013).

This time, unlike when I did "Bone Queen" on too small a sheet of paper, I used a 9" x 7" sheet of vellum, with a bit of planning ahead.  I wanted to develop her in watercolor with background details.  I'd say this was a perfect size for the amount of detail I wanted to put in this image.  This here is a corrected scan (corrected as much as I can to look as close to the original, but the original still looks so much better, which is typical of traditional art) which completely obliterates the touches of iridescent paint that the actual piece has.  I will take photos of this piece later in indirect sunlight at angles to try to capture some of that shimmer that she does have. ^^;

Over all, she was fun to do.  Beautiful, pale, and alone in the sky...  The colored version looks sad, compared to the sketch version.  The fun thing with art, especially when I work with traditional media, is that things don't always come out the way I intend.  Some pieces begin to have their own personality as they are worked on.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sketch Fest # 33

The Sketch Fest #33 took place on the weekend of Friday, Feb. 15 through Sunday, Feb. 17, from noon to noon, Alaska time.  I was gone all of Saturday, so I only participated during Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.  I did a total of 5 sketches - 3 on Friday, and 2 on Sunday.

The first prompt I worked on was "Steampunk Owl".  Because I love steampunk and owls. XD  No brainer that I would want to do this.  I've also done something very similar to this in my "Steampunk Test Flight" a couple of months ago for Enchanted Visions Project's "Clockwork Fantasia" theme.  This was stopped at about 45 minutes into it  (sketching in pencil, then inking over), before the coloring phase.  Will finish this ACEO later.

The second prompt I did was "Peacock Masquerade".  I like putting beaks on the masks and I love peacock feather colors, so this was also another no brainer prompt. XD    This scan was taken at about 45 minutes into the 1-hour limit, stopped after the sketch and inking.  ACEO size.

"Peacock Masquerade" completed.  I finished this on Sunday after Sketch Fest was over.  The prompter had already expressed interest in purchasing this ACEO before the color version was done.  Watercolor, salt, acrylic, & colored pencil on vellum 140 lb.  The parts that show as brown in the scan is gold acrylic paint that catches light when viewed at certain angles.

Prompt: "Lady Bug Dress".  Stopped at 1 hour mark.  A few touches to add.  This was the last one I did on Friday before calling it quits for dinner and family time. (I don't do all-night sketch-a-thon like some of the participating artists. ^^; )

"Tomte in Lady Bug Dress" completed ACEO in ink, watercolor, and colored pencil on vellum 140 lb.  She's actually the character I've drawn many times over the last few years since participating in the Sketchbook Project of 2011 that went on a tour during 2012.  A whole Moleskine sketchbook was filled with Little Tomte's adventure scenes.   The sketchbook ended up with a feel of a children's book. ^^  She usually wears a pointy red hat with a red dress and a white apron (with what look like the Ugg boots).  This is a variation on the theme where she stitched on some black circles to her dress and made herself a red cap with antennae.

Prompt: "Moon Goddess"   Pencil sketch on vellum 140 lb. 7 x 9 inches.  Stopped at about 20 minutes for a basic sketch.  I'll finish her later in watercolor and colored pencil.  Maybe a bit of silver paint, too.

This was probably the most interesting prompt I found: "House Made of Snail Shells or Tortoise Shells".  I wanted to do something a little bit crazy or over-the-top with this theme, so I decided to put houses made of snail shells (for tiny people like pixies or fairies) in the hair of a larger being where branches, leaves, and flowers grow.  I would like to finish this in watercolor and colored pencil, too.  This was sketched on a 9 x 12 vellum in pencil in about 20 minutes.  This is the one I'm looking forward to working on the most from this Sketch Fest.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Last Piece from Sketch Fest #32

Finally got around to finish the "Bone Queen", which was originally sketched as the last piece during January's Sketch Fest #32.  I started this one on a 5 x 7 inch vellum with not much planning.  I wasn't even sure if I was going to ink it or color it (at least in what medium, I was clueless...).  Inking was not painful at this size, but highlighting in white, once I was almost done with the watercolor phase, was painful. XD  It really tested my fine motor coordination!

I wanted the skeleton body paint and the red of the poppy petals dripping down from the beginning, but I think she went a little crazy during the final minutes of this piece.  It looks creepier than I originally envisioned, and I frankly don't like looking at her for too long. XD  Too creepy...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

EV Theme: Le Serpent

The new piece, "Heartstrings", for the EV theme "Le Serpent", is completed.  The color scheme was inspired by the traditional Chinese silk paintings with the earth tone background.  I kept Bai Niang Zi in mostly white as she is the spirit of the White Snake.  I was going to paint the peonies all green, but decided to give red and pink to celebrate the timeless love story that the inspiration for this piece "The Legend/Tale of the White Snake" is.  And it is February.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner, as is the Chinese New Year (begins on the 10th).

A closeup view of Bai Niang, giant peony, white snake detail and clothing.  This piece has a lot of detail that simply gets lost at the web-size.  I hope this second shot gives a better look at her expression. ^^

I didn't quite make the deadline since I became sick during the inking stage of this piece and coloring was done while I recovered.  All in all, progressed quite slowly, but I'm pleased with the results (and feeling a lot better. ^^ )

Friday, February 1, 2013

EV Theme: Le Serpent

I got my sketch transferred to a much better sheet of paper and finally finished inking it.  I will have an option of going at this traditionally later. :D  But for now, my plan is digital, trying to meet the deadline in two days.

I love drawing flowers, hair, dress, etc., but do not like straight lines involved in the instrument. XD  The two strings will be added later in some shade of white.