New Kickstarter by EMG

Ellen Million Graphics is an artist-owned small business and a publisher of coloring books for grownups. Ellen has been at it since way before the current coloring book boom took hold as THE hottest creative hobby. As some of you may already know, all of my coloring books are published by EMG. It's an artists-friendly, totally legit company you would be proud to be a supporter of. Take it from one of the artists represented - ME! There are so many shady publishing companies and self-proclaimed "artists" jumping onto the coloring book bandwagon by ripping off copyrighted artwork of numerous fantasy artists out there (myself included). There are also coloring books that are nothing but compilation of lines traced from photos grabbed online. EMG's coloring books are fantasy art (no doodly pattern stuff), originally conceived and executed by fantasy artists, printed with permission and royalties paid out regularly. Sure, the books cost a little more, but you know, that's what it takes when you are bringing original, creative visions by working artists, instead of ripping off people and getting the images for free and selling cheap books to customers who don't know any better (or don't care...).

EMG is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring new titles of coloring books again. I have several images included in the compilation, multi-artists collaborative coloring book titles this time (No solo titles this time. Sorry, peeps!). With the fundraiser comes the precious opportunity to get PDF versions of my coloring books. Neither EMG or myself offer PDF versions of the coloring books outside of the fundraiser.  So if you are either, 1.) totally opposed to paying high shipping cost,  or 2.) prefer PDF so you can print over and over ... or 3.) live outside of the US where shipping would be totally ridiculous, then take advantage of the offer and pledge support today!!  (I'll be honest, I'd rather not ship coloring books too far, either.)

Click HERE to go to the fundraiser page!

You'll be supporting many fantasy artists when you pledge your support. There are so many different support levels available from just $9 USD to $250 USD or more. The perks that come with each tier are different. The higher the amount pledged, the more goodies you'll get.

"Lady of the Sea" with detailed background for the new multi-artists 'mermaid' book.
"Mermaid & Her Baby" with stylized background for the multi-artists 'mermaid' book.
Meanwhile, you can order my coloring books (I'll sign it out to whomever you specify.) at my Etsy shop HERE.  I routinely enclose extra goody or two in my packages, normally ship within 24 hours of confirmed payment, and you'll get tracking.


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