Holiday Sprites

I've got quite a few Sprites piled up as uncolored lines on my desk.  Some are digital line art, while others are unfinished ACEOs... (boy, I hate the sound of that!).  Some of these babies are 2 years old! ^^;  With the publication of the Christmas Sprites coloring book from Ellen Million Graphics and these babies becoming available as cross stitch charts from Lena Lawson Needle Arts, I need to get these babies all colored up. But since there is no way to add more hours into our day, once you get behind with something, it just gets harder and harder... or so it seems to me.  Yikes!

I did manage to color this new one, "Christmas Lights Sprite", which was not in the book.  I had a pencil scribble version all ready when I was working on the coloring book images, but this one was one of the two that didn't make the deadline.  So this baby was released like a regular digi.

"Christmas Lights Sprite"   So many color possibilities.  I went with a traditional 'Santa's Little Helper" look in red and white, but this baby is cute in blue & white, green/teal & white, green & red and many other color combos. :D  Digi of the line art is available at my shop at this link. On sale for $2.45, which is 30% off the regular price, through Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015.

"Holly Sprite"  This one's lines were digitally redrawn for the new coloring book.  Many of my Sprites are original ACEOs to begin with, with measurements of 2.5" x 3.5".  Even with high resolution scans, lines are not crisp.  Normally, I like the look of slightly messy lines as it more closely resembles the lines made with traditional rubber stamps, but when you're talking about coloring book pages printed in black ink only on white pages, files need tweaking.  Some of these guys needed so much tweaking that redrawing made more sense all together.  For the holly leaves, I went with a variegated look, which I think is just so pretty, that's been frost kissed to have that red tinge.  Such a classic Christmas foliage, I had to go with red and white for this baby's coat! :D  This baby is included in the "Christmas Sprites" coloring book, and she is also available as a line art digi at this link.

The coloring book is now ready for immediate shipping (usually same day, if your order is made before 2 pm ET US).  You can purchase a copy at this link.  I only have a very limited quantity of these, as I received more pre-orders than I originally anticipated, and I don't think I can get more in before the holiday deadline with the postal service.  Don't wait till last minute if you've been looking at this one.  ^_^


  1. I think the way you color is fabulous!! I don't know if you want items in your shop to have a different look from other items, but this idea popped in my head when you said you were so far behind on coloring--you could have a contest were everyone who wanted colored the image and the winning entry could be the colored display image for the shop? -just throwing an idea out there, and not trying to step on any toes; I have several images of yours that I also still need to color up and there are several that I purchased just because of how awesome you made them look in the shop! Thanks for all the inspiration you give!


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