Christmas Sprites Mini Coloring Book Pre-Order

As I write this, the second volume of the Sprites coloring book, "Christmas Sprites", is getting ready at the printer.  How exciting is this?!  I am taking pre-orders of this title now until the shipment of books arrives at my house and list them at my Etsy shop  The pre-order is being taken at my Storenvy shop.  I've decided to run the pre-order campaign there, rather than doing it on my website via PayPal button or on Etsy to keep all records in one place and avoid any confusion that will come with people putting pre-order item along with regular items in their shopping cart at Etsy (As far as I know, there is no way to separate shipping or keep track of orders for partial shipment of order within their interface, so things can potentially get quite messy, I fear...).

There are 12 Sprites in all, 6 of which are brand new coloring book exclusives drawn for this publication.  They are all Christmas themed and adorable.  The previously released Sprites (in digi format) have been redrawn by me for a cleaner, crispier print in coloring book (Most home printers print with CMYK inks, which can handle hundreds of thousands of shades of grey between true black and white, but commercially printed coloring books are done in black ink, which has its peculiarities.).

Click on the image to view larger.
Here is the list of all Sprites that are included in this 'mini' coloring book (approx.  5.5" x 8.5", roughly half the size of my other fantasy coloring books).

1. Christmas Cactus Sprite
2. Christmas Tree Sprite
3. Poinsettia Sprite
4. Mistletoe Sprite
5. Little Santa (cover)
6. Holly Sprite
7. Holiday Wreath Sprite
8. Amaryllis Sprite
9. Candle Angel Sprite
10. Gingerbread Man Sprite
11. Stocking Sprite
12. Candy Cane Sprite

This will make a wonderful gift for all those who are young at heart.  These Sprites are simple and accessible for children, and whimsical and fun for the adults who enjoy coloring.  The smaller size of the mini coloring books also make it easy to carry around in your bags with a set of colored pencils for coloring on the go!  Rated "Pretty Easy" by EMG's coloring book difficulty level rating system.

You can pre-order these books at this link.    This pre-order is for a physical paper copy of a book.  Digital version in PDF format is NOT planned at this time.


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