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It's a change of pace from the previous post of my ranting about art theft (Why is it that you get so much more response to gripes and rants on social media in general...?  Well, I have a pretty good idea why, but I'm always amazed at the spike in attention that these types of posts receive.).  Today, I get to talk about doing something good with my art, in my humble attempt at contributing for a good cause.

Really, nothing is more empowering than running a fundraiser where I can offer my art as a small incentive to donate to a worthy cause.  The power to create something from nothing is always at our disposal as artists, but the power to create so you can give to a cause is really special.  It took a comment from my own child pointing this out for me to stop what I was doing ( = feeling busy and almost overwhelmed handling the donations and dispatching images via email) and let it sink in.

I seem to be constantly heaping more 'stuff to do' onto my plate and getting ever more behind, but it's also true that when you do more (and get it out of the way), there's more flowing in, whether it's money, work, or opportunities.  It's all energy after all.  I admit, it was a little overwhelming to add this fundraiser, plus the celebration event on Facebook, to an already-packed month.  But I tend to go with what my gut tells me and this was a special cause that I felt compelled to add to my schedule after messaging back and forth with one of the members of my FB group, Laine Kammeraad.  She was instrumental in pointing me to info and helping me select the rescue to support with our fundraiser.

"Slow Loris Sprite" digi.  This is a gift with donation of any amount.

With two challenge blogs and a showcase blog, staying on top of everything can be a little challenging for one person with more than a slight tendency for disorganization.  Still, I try by having a wall calendar and a large appointment book and having everything written down.  That seems to be working to help me stay on top of things.  "Staying on top" simply means that I meet the deadlines - most of the time, barely.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm taking on too much and giving myself grey hair and too much grief and stress.  But you know what they say about idle hands and idle minds...

"Slow Loris in Leaves" digi.  Additional gift with donation of $10 USD or more.

So imagine my delight when so many of my designers at AuroraWings was able to help me out on such a short notice.  I consider one week to be extremely short for creative ventures of any kind, don't you?  Well, that was all I managed to give.  I honestly thought I'd be lucky to get one complete project and maybe one or two coloring on the Slow Loris Sprite to use on the fundraiser graphics and the showcase for the launch yesterday.  But by Thursday night's deadline, I had 11 fantastic samples from all three teams (and 1 additional sample, later).  I really am amazed how these designers found time and motivation to do it on such a short notice.  I think it's love for the animals.  And their kind and generous hearts.  Giving takes energy, although it's something that we all can do in quite a few ways.  And it's my observation that those who give more, receive more, and in turn, they'll give even more.  The whole flow and exchange of energy is pretty magical and so positive.  Love it!

Please support the fabulous AW designers by visiting this awesome showcase we just had to kick off the fundraiser.

Sample collage 1 (clockwise from top left :  Debbie Pamment, Sara Pyper, Debra Shaw, Jan Thompson, Gloria Palmer-Steiger, Julie Reed)

I am looking forward to seeing the projects and colorings made by the donors who received the images.  We already have 2 entries into the color & craft contest at our FB group at the time of writing.  Each card, each coloring done, and each post on social media and blog will start another round of ripples of energy to spread the word.  Fundraisers like this one that involve and encourage creativity on organizers as well as donors, I think, are really fantastic for that reason.   Monetary donations are most appreciated and helpful, but the additional creative efforts contribute so much, too, in terms of introducing more people to these animals, and increasing awareness of the need for their conservation.  

Sample collage 2 (clockwise from top left: RoRa, Donna Mundinger, Silvia Sencaka, Marion Lones, Cristena Bagne, Karola Geiger)

I guess the warm fuzzy feeling an event like this gives me is the sense of community coming together.  I do my small part of contributing the images and organizing the fundraiser, but the donors and other supporters are actively involved and playing vital parts that contribute to the growth of a movement.  In the end, a simple seed of an idea becomes a much bigger entity, like a healthy, fast-growing tree.  It is a thrill to see it all unfold - by the numbers growing on the total amount raised, by the pictures of entries posted into the contest, and all the buzz!!   Thank you, my AW designers, for helping make it a success!!

My latest update reported a fundraiser total of $452 USD, which is 90.4% of our original goal.  If this keeps up, I'll have to add a reward for topping the goal.  Wouldn't that be great?


  1. How fantastic that you have just about reached your goal Mitzi! You will probably have it by the time I have written this. :) I am so happy for you! I am always happy to do anything for you! :)

    1. Yes, we did it! Very shortly after I posted this, we reached our goal. :D Now it's time for a "stretch goal"! Thank you again for your part in this fundraiser, Cristena!

  2. Loved reading this post. Many congrats on receiving the goal and so well deserved. So happy for you, hugs xxx Marion

  3. As of this comment you have surpassed your goal!!! Fantastic!!! So happy to be a part of this awesome event!


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