BBC's Sherlock Fan Art - Chibi

   Suddenly and randomly, I made a fan art of Sherlock (chibi-fied or is it chibi-rized?).   The picture is a reference to the "Scandal in Belgravia" from season 2.

   I haven't drawn a fan art in a really long time.  The last one I did was of Sesshoumaru from anime series "InuYasha" and that was back in December of 2010 for an art trade.  Lately though, I have been working on  nothing but commissioned work for weeks.  Luckily, some clients ask me to do what I want to do after just giving me simple prompts/requests while other assignments can turn into tedious production work.

   "All work and no play" as the saying goes, was starting to drive me a little nutty.  The nuttiness must find some outlet in the form of 'art for fun' sometimes.  I hope some of you enjoy this. ^^  I had fun.


  1. I *love* this! You really captured each one of them. And the contrast between the figures and the blue "pastel" background is so perfect! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad it pleased. :)


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