Coloring Book Is Back in Stock!

After selling out back in January, I'm thrilled to be able to announce that I have some copies of my coloring book back in stock! *yay*  I only have a dozen or so copies for now until it is reprinted.  The current stock that I do have is a little different from the previous one.  The cover stock had been downgraded by the printing company (much to my and my editor's dismay).  And that is why I only have a small supply of it.  This current batch I have is a kind of a trial-run.  The publisher of my coloring books has since decided to switch the printing company over the downgrade.  But I'm going ahead and making these books available while my books are getting ready to go to reprint. ^^;

So that was the "bad" news.  The good news is that aside from the cover stock, the book is exactly the same as before, meaning, the inside pages are just fine.  Printed single-sided on a smooth white paper.  You can color with colored pencil (The photo above shows two pages that I colored with Prismacolor colored pencils behind the cover photo of the book.) just fine.  You can do light application of wet media, like markers.  I would still recommend that if you're using wet media, you put a buffer sheet between the pages to prevent bleed-throughs.  Still, it's a very pretty book, packed with my typical line work (read: "loaded with details").  These books were meant for grown-up coloring-book enthusiasts, not kids.

Coloring can be a very soothing and relaxing activity for people who don't mind spending hours on a single project.  I've had e-mails from people who bought this book, saying that these books have provided a nice distraction while going through medical treatments,  or given something pleasant to do while waiting while one's children's extra-curricular activities are in session.   But, like I said before, the images are loaded with fine details, so if you're not the patient type, it will most likely frustrate you. XD

Anyhow, it's available at my Etsy shop right now.  They're going quickly.  Get your copy soon and receive a free poster-print of "Enchanted Visions". :D


  1. Hi Mitzi,
    Your books and your drawings I find enchantingly beautiful. I bought a few weeks ago some Digistamps from your shop.
    Today I posted my first card with the beautiful green fee.
    I wish you continue to lots of creative ideas. Even your dark drawings I find wonderful.

    Many greetings from Germany sends you, Carmen / Angel 007


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