Sketch Fest #45 Dec. 6~8, 2013

I'm behind schedule for writing a wrap-up of the most recent Sketch Fest.  Holiday season is here, and like most everyone, I've been busy.  I had previously not been a type of artist who produces a lot of holiday-theme artwork, so my holiday offering has been rather limited.  I've been working hard to address this deficiency this season. ^^;  I seem to have taken a lot of holiday-inspired prompts in the November's and December's Sketch Fests.

I only managed 5 pieces this time around.  The first was a kitty.

"Kitten in a Stocking" to the prompt "kitty in a stocking".  ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") in ink & watercolor on bristol vellum (140 lb.). *SOLD*

"We Love Snowman!" to the prompt "kitty and a snowman".  4" x 5" in ink and watercolor on bristol vellum (140 lb.).  *SOLD*  I needed a larger paper to squeeze in the playful kittens.  Went for a simple approach on this one.

"Christmas Owl" to the prompt "Winter Owl".  ACEO in ink and watercolor on bristol vellum (140 lb.).  *SOLD*  I think this was my favorite of this Sketch Fest.  All the red and green was wearing me out, so I went for the light blue Santa hat and it really helped me get out of the "I've had enough of Christmas already!" rut. XD  (This, from a person who used to set up the Christmas tree the day after Halloween...  How things have changed...)

"The Little Santa" to the prompt "The cutest, little Santa". ACEO (2.5 x 3.5") in ink & watercolor on bristol vellum (140 lb.). *SOLD*  I am a real sucker for thumb-suckers.  I think it's so cute when little kids do that.  I also love it when they have a favorite object like a blanket that they get extra attached to. ^_^  My own daughter is much older now, so I guess a part of me misses the cute behavior of the very young.

The last one I did is "Mistletoe Fairy" to the prompt "Mistletoe Fairy".  ACEO in ink and watercolor on bristol vellum (140 lb.).  *SOLD*   This has been turned into a digital stamp already, and it's been very popular among paper crafters. ^_^

Speaking of digi's, I just realized that I haven't had a chance to turn the first two posted here into digi listings yet.  This is how busy the season has been.  Things keep piling up on top of the already long list... ^^;


  1. The new designs are so beautiful!
    The Mistletoe Fairy has such a beautiful and expressive face!
    I already know what I color this evening, even though Christmas is over.
    Nela xx

    1. Thank you, Nela! So sorry for the late reply. ^^;
      *hugs* Mitzi


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