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Just now catching up on this blog... ^^;  The yarden (yard & garden) required much of my time in the past week with planting of the seeds and lots of weeding.  My hands needed a break from gardening, so I'm getting up to date on my art stuff today.  

In the past several days, I've released a few more new digis.  These were all digitally drawn for a change because I was pressed for time.  I really prefer to do my lines the traditional way with my ballpoint pen on paper as stylus on my Intuos 3 tablet is just too slick and I feel a bit out of control and I definitely prefer the line quality of pen on paper that I get.  But hey, compromise is not a dirty word. :D

Though not a fantasy piece, I've been wanting to add a wedding image to the digi collection, so here it is.  And I know how popular calla lilies are with a lot of my fans, so I just had to throw that in there as well. XD  Drawing this image made me want to find a couple that is getting married just so I could use the image to make a card! LOL   This digital stamp is available at my Etsy shop here.

Next, I took on the task of inking (digitally) the two sprites that were sitting as pencil scribbles on my shelf for the past several weeks.

Here's Easter Lily Sprite, which is, I'd say, a cousin to my Tiger Lily Sprite who was born earlier last year. :D  Basically very similar, but this one holds a bloom of Madonna lily and she has arms that are more like human arms.  ^_^  Just changing things around as the mood strikes.  Nothing too complicated about these sprites.  They are meant to be simple and whimsical.  She is available here.

This guy's got to be one of my top 5 favorites, along with Little Lotus Sprite (the one that is sitting in meditation, but peeking with one eye open) and Snapdragon Sprite (holding a baby dragon).  I was missing some Japanese early spring greens.  We usually had to go up in the mountains to forage some tender shoots of various ferns, trees, and grass.  Bamboo shoots are so nice and tender and YUMMY!  :D  So when I started thinking about them, I came up with this guy - Bamboo Shoot Sprite with Baby Bro.  I love how he's babysitting the wee one on his back and holds a branch of bamboo as a rattle.  Another fun detail is that he wears Japanese tabi socks and not those curly, pointy, sprite booties I give to many of my Sprites. :D  Variety!  This guy can be found here.

I've been working again on the listings at the web shop .  This digital stamps shop on my web site is separate from my Etsy shop that I've been working on little by little.  My digi collection is divided into catetgories by style and subject to make navigation slightly easier than the Etsy shop.  Another positive is that you don't have to make an account to just shop there.  You can just drop by, put your items in shopping cart and check out via PayPal (you can use all major credit card without setting up PP account).  Just  be sure that you'll be able to download all your purchases within 24 hours.  The shop will send a download link and you'll have 24 hours to download. ^_^

That's it for today. :D  I'm hoping that I can finally get to the angel illustration with watercolor today.


  1. So beautiful images. I love them everything. hugs, Helena

  2. I love the new sprites, I love the new sprites, I love the new sprites ! Did I say that I love the new sprites ??? Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

    1. :D Thank you so much, Catherine! I'm glad to hear that you love my sprites!! Hugs, Mitzi


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