Gardens & Goddesses Volume 2

The follow-up coloring book to my popular "Gardens & Goddesses" is now listed at my Etsy shop. *woohoo*  Now I'm getting very low on packing supply - the rigid cardboard document mailer in particular, in the coloring book size.  Placed an order earlier this week, expecting the box of mailers to be here by now, but then, the massive lake effect snowfall back East has delayed shipment via UPS.  T_T  Well, people were dying, so I shouldn't be complaining about a delay in shipment.  But this is a little early for holiday season mail mishap, I feel.  ^^;

This is a scan of the cover.  The delicate pink shades were hard for the scanner to capture correctly without going a little crazy in overall hue.  Had to do a bit of editing to tweak and adjust for more accurate depiction of color.  The cover of volume 2 was a 'traditional' ink and watercolor on paper illustration, so it looks a little different from my other two covers (which were digital illustration for coloring over scanned line art in ink on paper).  I like both approaches equally.  Just tend to pick whichever, depending on the mood.  There's no doubt though, that scanning or photographing the original on paper or canvas to try to get an accurate record is ALWAYS frustrating and time consuming.  (Not to mention the lack of 'undo' option... lol.)

Back to the coloring book.  I'm just thrilled to death about having 3 books published. ^_^  The first one was extremely exciting when it became a reality, but these two volumes that came out this fall are just as thrilling for me to behold.  The cover stock seems to be upgraded from the previous printing run to have a nice satin-like glossy look and feel.  The paper seems a little thicker.  Some editing from Ellen Million Graphics in terms of their logo and placement all contributes to an improved batch. :D  Just awesome.

As soon as I get those mailers (so I can process orders in a timely manner), I'll put these coloring book listings to the front of my shop, but for the time being, they're kind of stashed in the back (hidden deeper after several pages of listings). ^^;  Please hurry, UPS man!


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