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It's been a hectic month!  And it's already at the end.  Started out strong, then got sick with flu, then was swamped with special events (award ceremonies, extra concerts, Baccalaureate, and graduation) for Jr., and then trying to schedule and host a special celebration event on Facebook for the digi business.  *pants*  That was a pretty full month!

Still playing catch-up with my drawing, while taking care of the garden - Spring is always busy as weeding and planting take a lot of time from my schedule.  Until the plants and yard are all set and can be on an auto-pilot mode, things are hectic.  I don't like working in a piece meal fashion with a couple hours here, run some errands, then go back for another hour, etc.  My preference is getting a drawing done in one big stretch and be done with it.  This approach works wonderfully when you're single or living by yourself, but as soon as you have a family and there are other people around (be it in an office situation or during summer or long vacation so kids are home), productivity generally goes down, and it's simply impossible to get it done this way.

I like the saying, "When there's a will, there's a way".  I find much truth in that.  These days, I just have to get it done with the attitude of "whatever it takes".  ^^;  Not getting set in ways helps.  Being flexible (in mind and body) is healthy.   Sometimes I doodle while I'm watching TV with family, and good ideas flow.  (Although there are times I just have to be at the desk to get things done.)  Sometimes I think about the next Sprites or fantasy art ideas while working in the garden - multi-task!   I'm more of a single-track mind and generally suck at multi-tasking (can't even comfortably drink water and drive, so wouldn't dream of talking on the phone and driving ).

Some of the recent sketches.  The girl with pigtails with a bunch of kitties has already been made into a digi last week.  Now deciding on which one to ink next for the next new release.  ^_^

"Can I Keep Them"(aka "Lori, the Cat Lady in Training") was a gift-with-purchase digi.
Will not be added to the listing at the shops for a while.
I'm trying to add a designer to my AuroraWings Showcase Design Team.  Hoping to find a fantastic new member by the middle of next month, but this is yet another task that's been added onto my plate. Oh, and I have two FB contests ending on Sunday to finish up the month with a bang. :D


  1. I am loving the ice cream sundae!!!

  2. What a busy month and it looks like it will not be any different the next when I read what is on your to do list. Love the sketches you made and looking forward to purchasing and colouring them. Lots of hugs and love, xoxo, Marion


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