Christmas in July

I can't believe this is already the 3rd annual "Christmas in July" shopping spree giveaway! *wow*  Since I opened my Etsy shop in late November of 2012, every summer, I've offered this $50 shopping spree giveaway.  I write the username of the customers who place an order on small strips of paper and place them in a jar every day during the campaign period.  It's always fun to be the bearer of the good news to one surprised customer at the end of the giveaway.

The first "Christmas in July" happened back in 2013.  I was just beginning to add digital stamp listings at the time, so the big win went to a customer who was collecting my art as prints.  The second year (last year) in 2014, I don't remember who the winner was (mainly because I was so busy with my digi business... and I had yet to become accustomed to the routine of it all), but I remember how full the same glass vase I used in 2013 was.  So many names were in there!  I was having to push down to keep them all in there.

This summer, I'm expanding this special event - one winner at AW Etsy shop and another winner at the digi shop at AW site - to have two winners who will win $50 shopping spree each.  It'll be a lot of fun, and I'm sure it will be two full vases.  ^_^

If you're a fan of my art, coloring book enthusiast, or digi enthusiast, any and all order through July 26 will earn an entry into the random drawing automatically.  You can multiply your entries simply by leaving reviews/feedback on your Etsy purchases during the same period.  Since I don't have the feedback feature at the AW site shop, entry there will be based specifically by orders.

Oh, and... AW Etsy now accepts Etsy Gift Cards and a bunch of other payment methods, including PayPal. Now it's easier than ever to give a gift of AuroraWings digis to your favorite crafter!!        


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