Red Hibiscus - Commissioned ACEO

I had this little beauty finished during the first week of September, but decided to wait until my client overseas confirmed me that she received it safely.  It's always a little nerve-racking to ship anything overseas.  Things get lost in the mail quite often - even for domestic mail.  I am usually the optimistic type, but when it's something like an original art, in other words, something that cannot be replaced even with insurance, yes, I feel nervous.  ^^;

I just got the word on both Facebook and on Etsy review that my client in France has received the original ACEO safe and sound.  When I checked the tracking information on this transaction, it did show that it was delivered in record time - just one week!  (Whaaat?  I have domestic mail that takes longer to reach me!  All the time!)  I have received a package from the UK in 5 days, which still holds the record for the fastest postal transit in my personal record.  (Oh, the power of Her Majesty's image on the Royal Mail postage stamps.)

I haven't done a commission ACEO in a really long time, and I needed a new prescription for contact lenses for just as long.  LOL  There's the reason I was avoiding it!  Seriously, between the high pollen count from weeds in bloom this time of the year making my eyes itchy and watery AND my lenses getting old, the tiny dimension of ACEO at just 2.5" x 3.5" is torture. (Yes, because I'm old.  There, I said it.)  I still LOVE to pack in tiny details and give my pieces tiny highlights despite my weak eyes.   It's always a little jarring to get my head wrapped around the tiny scale, but the challenge ACEO art presents makes it fun also.

You may see me doing some more of these now that my eyes are enjoying a fresh pair of contacts.  Ahhhhh.... *happy happy*


  1. This really is very beautiful Mitzi - you are a wonderful artist and I'm always inspired by your work ^_^


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