"Circe" WIP

This marks the first time that I failed to produce a piece for EV in a timely manner.  Since August of 2010, I've always managed to paint at least one if not more of the themes every month. XD  Even in the month when I didn't care for the current theme, I managed to do an existing  theme from a list so I had something new to post.  Well, stuff happens. ^^;    Hopefully, this won't become a regular thing for me, but I guess when some theme just doesn't jump up and grab your imagination, this is to be expected.  Plus it's the holiday season and most of us have so much going on it's hard to keep up and keep track of.

So a day after the deadline, all I've got to share here is a shot of work-in-progress.  I think I like the way it's coming along, but I have no solid idea where it's going (or more precisely, where I want to take it).  There's nothing like an unfinished work to bug me endlessly, so I will get around to finishing it and most likely before moving on to "Dragon Lore".

Update: WIP 2.  Still have the lion and the background details left to do. ^^;  Getting there, though.


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