"A Dark Undercurrent" Concept Sketch

There have been 27 themes announced at the Enchanted Visions Project so far, including the next month's "Dragon Lore".  I have completed 19 in my 17 months with the project.  "A Dark Undercurrent" has been one of the few that captured my imagination from the very beginning, but I hadn't had a vision come to me right away like some of the other ones.  Recently though, after the massive updating (remodeling) of the EV official site, this is the theme that comes up right at the top of the list since is it alphabetized, so I have been reminded time and time again that I want to tackle this one.  It's been nagging at the back of my mind for a few months, and although I thought I was itching to get started on the dragon theme, a dark mermaid made an appearance on my paper when I sat and scribbled.

It may sound weird to some, but sometimes when I sit at my desk with a blank paper, I can almost 'see' the image appear on the paper.  I kind of trace it with a pencil and usually I like the results.  Among my recent pieces, "Santa Muerte" was one of those who just appeared/posed for me. The general artistic process and brainstorming get taken care of.  This is close to the feeling of being in the groove or the peak 'flow' experience.  Things seem almost effortless.  Doesn't happen often, but I know enough that when it does happen, I should just go with the flow and complete the project.  ^^


  1. Oooo... that is just gorgeous. I'm really curious, too, as to what you come up with for a dragon theme too!

  2. Thank you and it's great to see you here on Blogger, Liralen! :D *hugs*
    I started my research for the dragon theme yesterday. I'm going to need to study up on the traditional Japanese tattoos for the image I want to create for the theme.


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