I'm Now with PSP Tube Stop!

This is a milestone entry.  It's my 100th! :D  I believe I started writing here at Blogger in March, right around the time of the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan.  Well, almost 9 months later, here I am with my 100th entry.  I've been averaging 9 to 13 per month, which seems amazing.  I hope many more good news and artistic inspirations will keep coming.

Today's exciting news is ... as the title of this post stated -- I'm now with PSP Tube Stop.  This is a brand new upstart founded by Enchanted Visions Project's head of administration, Lisa Cree.  She's a unique artist on her own right, but also a dedicated volunteer, and an entrepreneur.  She approached me with a very artist-friendly contract when My Tag Art closed its doors on November 1st of this year.  I was in negotiation with one company, while weighing in on options from other companies.  But knowing her through EV, plus the excitement of being a part of a brand new business venture (and her contract as I mentioned before) eventually led me to sign with her.  This will be my first time working so closely with a business owner.  As you may know, I assist her with the Facebook page and the forum of the Enchanted Visions, so I'm in communication with her a lot, which is wonderful.

And here's a look at the tube that just came out; my "Christmas Fairy".  What's wonderful about Lisa is that she makes multiple layers, and I don't mean 2 or 3.  She makes 4 and 5!  For example, this one, as you can see on the image on the right, has 4 different elements in individual layers: the fairy, the bell, the rose with cranberry bubbles, and the star with cranberry bubbles.  Just imagine the creative options this single purchase (for only $1.80) will give each tagger!  Take a closer look here!

As of this writing, she has three of my images at the shop and there will be many more to follow as she adds listings to the shop section of the PSP Tube Stop web site.  You'll recognize several more artists from the Enchanted Visions Project there. ^_^


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