"Along Came a Spider"

"Along Came a Spider" is now finished and sent to the Enchanted Visions Project. Whew! I made the "deadline" deadline, which is the fourth of the month. I seem to habitually push for this deadline rather than the end of the month or the first of the month, which is the official deadline.

After the base colors were laid (as shown in the previous post), the real work began with the tedious details in her floral patterned kimono, the details of the spider lilies, highlights in all the necessary areas, and of course the spider web. After all of that was completed, I had the choice to make with her eye color -- whether to go with dark brown or glowy "demon" yellow. In the end, I decided to go with the dark brown. After all, if she was really trying to lure someone into her trap, she'd try her best to look "human", right??? XD Anyway, that was my reasoning. I think she's alluring and the overall color scheme is dark, though there's plenty of colors to keep it vibrant. Very fiery. ^^


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